In addition to the Senate, the ISB Alumni association consists of 11 chapters, out of which 7 chapters are based in India and 4 chapters are based overseas. The domestic chapters operate in all the major metropolitan cities of India and the international chapters are spread over 3 continents.

Staying involved with your local chapters is a great way of keeping in touch with the ISB community. If there is no chapter in your immediate area and there is a critical mass of ISB alums (minimum 40), you can contact the senate about starting a new chapter.

ISBAA Chapters details
Bangalore Chapter
Chapter Representatives Prashant Dhawan, Class of 2003
Subramani Ramachandrappa, Class of 2004
Shaista Vadra, Class of 2007
Rohini Madhavan, Class of 2008
Ashwin Balasubramanian, Class of 2009
Rohit Bahadur, Class of 2011
Prathibha Ramachandran, Class of 2012
Chennai Chapter
Chapter Representatives Venkata Ramanan, Founding Class
Shyam Murali, Class of 2004
Aditi Sawjiani, Class of 2008
Akshay Kapoor, Class of 2012
Delhi Chapter
Chapter Representatives Ankush Wadhera, Class of 2008 
Swagata Sarangi, Class of 2008 
Yevheniya Krutko, Class of 2010
Deepti Gupta, Class of 2011
Santosh S Kumar, Class of 2011
Aditya Singh Bhaisora, Class of 2012
Prashant Vijay, Class of 2012
Prachi Seth, Class of 2012 
Sanjiv Bhagat, Class of PGPMAX 2012
Hyderabad Chapter
Chapter Representatives Anubhav Prashant, Class of 2008
Rahul Bhuman, Class of 2010
Yash Karnik, Class of 2013
Padmaja Bayyavarapu, Class of PGPMAX Founding Class
Shravan Chitte, Class of PGPMAX Founding Class
Bhat Dittakavi, Class of PGPMAX 2012
Kolkata Chapter
Chapter Representatives Ratan Postwalla, Class of 2004
Varun Narayan, Class of 2007
Prashant Sharma, PGPMAX Founding Class
Mumbai Chapter
Chapter Representatives Shubhra Mehrotra, Class of 2003
Bhishm Chugani, Class of 2006
Manisha Joshi, Class of 2008
Ritesh Jain, Class of 2009
Deepak Surajmal Jain, Class of 2009
Manish Lunia, Class of 2009
Prashant Krishnan, Class of 2010
Anand Radhakrishnan, Class of 2012
Riday Niranjan Thakur, Class of 2012
Sagarika Chakraborty, Class of 2012
Priyanka Prakash, Class of 2013
Rohan Kothari, Class of 2013
Pune Chapter
Chapter Representatives Gaurav Vijay Chattur, Class of 2008
Kiran Machhindra Shete, Class of 2008
Shishir Vinod Dahake, Class of 2012
Middle East  Chapter
Chapter Representatives Vikas Verma, Class of 2004
Aman R Khan, Class of 2011
North America / US - East Coast
Chapter Representatives Arjun Srinivasan, Class of 2003
Sarat Chandra Mynampati, Class of 2008
North America / US - West Coast
Chapter Representatives Kaushik Sethuraman, Founding Class
Harleen Singh Kaur, Class of 2007
North America / Canada
Chapter Representatives Harsh Sharma, Class of 2006
Singapore Chapter
Chapter Representatives Swastika Nare, Class of 2006
Srikiran Srinivasa Raghavan, Class of 2011
UK/ Continental Europe
Chapter Representatives Rajat Seth, Class of 2004
Chandrashekar Subramanian, Class of 2006
Carmen Rider, Class of 2010
Marc Andre Lein (Member - Exchange School Alumni), Class of 2011
UK Chapter
Chapter Representatives Sachin Rai, Class of 2008
Abhishek D Kothari, Class of 2009
Sneha Beriwal, Class of 2009


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