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What to Give to

An alumnus of ISB can give back to the School in various ways. Alumni can choose to institute a chair, name a facility, give out yearly scholarships / tuition waivers or many other ways. The simplest way to do it is to give to the Alumni Endowment Fund.

Alumni Endowment Fund

The Alumni Endowment Fund was started in the year 2010 seeded with generous support from PGP Co 2004. The initial support to the fund also came from the PGP Co2010. It is an outstanding initiative by our alumni since endowments provide the most stable and sustainable source of funds to ISB.The Alumni Endowment Fund is even more important since the overall endowment levels for the school is not at par with other top schools and this lays the groundwork for us to propagate this initiative.

The purpose of the Alumni Endowment Fund is to provide financial stability to the school towards accomplishing its vision. The fund is utilized to support the school in the below three critical areas.

  • Research - To encourage research excellence at ISB by providing research grants to selected faculty at ISB.
  • Scholarships -To provide scholarships to needy and meritorious students and encourage excellence amongst ISB students and alumni.
  • Alumni/ Student connect to Industry – To support activities and events which provide a platform to students/alumni to connect with industry/government.

Matching Contribution from the School

The Alumni Endowment Fund has also been highly appreciated by the Executive Board. The Board has agreed to match every contribution to the fund with an equal contribution, until the fund reaches a corpus of INR 5 Crore (matched with another INR 5 Crore by the board).

How to give to the endowment

All contributions to the endowment are directed to ISB and invested as per government regulations i.e., FD, government bonds etc. Contributions to the endowment are tax exempted U/S 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.

Impact of Alumni Giving

ISB, in consultation with ISB's leadership, Board, and alumni, will decide upon its utility towards the key priority areas of ISB. These will be published and communicated to the alumni community. Some examples of where funds are being utilised include facilitating research in a particular area, organising activities to reach out to the community at large and instituting scholarships, etc.

At current levels, the Alumni Endowment Fund is being utilised for the following

  • Alumni Endowment Fund Merit Scholarship
    • Amount: ₹ 8 lakhs
    • No. of Scholarships: 2
    • Basis for award: Students with exceptional merit, Students who wish to pursue their career in not-for-profit / government sector.

  • PGPMAX Class of 2012 Need Based Scholarship
    • Amount: INR 5 lakhs
    • No. of Scholarships: 1
    • Basis for award: Need based; applicants with a total family (including applicant’s) income of less than INR 10 lakhs of CTC per annum will be considered.

  • Nurture India Need Based Scholarship
    • Amount: INR 6-7 lakhs
    • No. of Scholarships: 1
    • Basis for award: Need based; applicants should have dependents who are not earning members.

  • PGP Co 2015 (start up)
    • Amount: Interest from the endowment
    • No. of Scholarships: 1 or more
    • Basis for award: selection for Entrepreneurship Development Initiative
  • Aditya Shembekar
    • Amount: supports atleast 20% of the tuition fee.
    • No. of Scholarships : 1
    • Basis for award: Need based; applicants should have dependents who are not earning members
  • ISB Alumni Endowment Research Fellow
    • This is used to support the research ecosystem at ISB
    • Amount: ₹ 6 lakhs split equally over a period of two years.
    • Basis of award: All tenure track faculty eligible for the grant.

  • Sponsorship for alumni – student – industry connect events

A maximum amount of 50,000 is made available for activities or events that aid student and alumni industry connect.