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Winning Sales and Distribution

Winning Sales and Distribution. In this session, using the case of a solar lamp startup founded in 2008, Professor Sinha will trace the successes and mistakes of Greenlight Planet to illustrate how to think about designing winning sales and distribution channels. • Faculty: Professor Prabhakant Sinha



Associate Alumni Lifelong Membership Fee

Consent Statement -" I consent to make a onetime contribution of INR 17700( i. e. INR 15000 plus GST @18% )to the Associate Alumni Lifelong Membership Fee. I agree that the contributions shall be used to provide for the lifelong benefits of the Associate Alumni. I understand that my contribution is non-refundable, should I revoke my membership or decide to exit for whatever reasons from the Associate Alumni membership."



Associate Alumni LRC Fee

The fee consists of INR 10000 as security deposit, INR 2500 as membership fee(annual) and INR 100 for the ICard plus GST @18%. Please reach LRC for more details -