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Alumni Giving by Numbers

Alumni Giving by Numbers

In the last few years several alumni have strengthened their bond with ISB by generously donating to the School through different avenues. The School values your support immensely and considering that we are still a young school, our alumni have done us proud through their generosity.

Total # of alumni Contributed 3525
% of Alumni Contributed 46.5%
Individual Gifts ₹2 Crs
Collective Gifts ₹5.3 Crs
Contributions towards Alumni Endowment Fund ₹4.5 Crs
Non Endowment Gifts ₹2.8 Crs

Areas of Impact
Facilities Created or renovated 9
# of students supported through financial aid 24
# Research Fellowship Announced 2
# of Programme Supported 1

Giving by areas (in Lakhs)
Infrastructure ₹132.6
Financial Aid for Students ₹40.7
Endowments (Research, Scholarships) ₹450
Programmes ₹130
Gifts in kind (Alum companies’ shares donation) ₹8

Year Wise Contributions Received (in Lakhs)
Year Amount
2008-09 29.9
2009-10 13.6
2010-11 27.9
2011-12 16.2
2012-13 109.95
2013-14 70.7
2014-15 130.6
2015-16 166.6
2016-17 168.7
Total 734.2

Gifts Received from Classes in campaigns
Total Contributions received from alumni
Class name Lakhs
Co 2002 0.1
Co 2003 4.75
Co 2004 13.8
Co 2005 0.13
Co 2006 58.5
Co 2007 0.1
Co 2008 28.58
Co 2009 13.7
Co 2010 23.9
PGPMAX Co 2011 (Founding Class) 35.5
Co 2011 49.46
PGPMAX Co 2012 36.9
Co 2012 48.9
PGPMAX Co 2013 14.6
Co 2013 37.6
PGPMAX Co 2014 14.6
Co 2014 51.6
MFAB Co 2014 9.7
Co 2015 35.5
PGPMAX Co 2015 24.4
PGP Co 2016 31.2
MFAB Co 2016 1.25
Total 534.8

Donors for the Alumni Endowment Fund

The following classes have so far contributed to the endowment:

Donor Level of contribution
(in INR lakhs)
PGP Co 2003 4.6
PGP Co 2004 13.80
PGP Co 2006 58.5
PGP Co 2008 12.20
PGP Co 2010 23.98
PGP Co 2011 28.7
PGP Co 2013 11.2
PGP Co 2014 49.90
PGP Co 2015 24.7
PGP Co 2016 15.8
PGPMAX Co 2011 35.5
PGPMAX Class of 2012 36.97
PGPMAX Co 2013 14.6
PGPMAX Co 2014 14.6
PGPMAX Co 2015 24.4
MFAB Co 2014 9.7
Others 1.8


Prof. Krishnamurthy Subramanian was awarded the research fellowship from the Alumni Endowment Fund in the FY 2015. He is one of the world’s leading experts in banking and economic policy. His service on the expert committee on governance of banks for The Reserve Bank of India has established him as one of the chief architects of banking reform in India.

Currently Subramanian serves as Associate Professor of Finance (with tenure) at the Indian School of Business. He holds a Ph.D. from the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business, one of the world’s top universities for financial economics. His research in banking, law and finance, innovation and economic growth, and corporate governance has been published in the world’s leading journals.

The research grant was utilised by him for conducting his policy work as well as for academic research. Prof. Subbu has been working on benchmarking the information on the performance of venture capital investments. As part of the committee, he has made recommendations on the regulatory changes, some of which have been implemented in last year’s budget whereas some of the rest will be implemented in the forth-coming budget.

Prof. Subbu studied certain trends in Public Sector Banks which have an impact on the performance of the bank. These have yielded concrete results. These results have been presented to the Reserve Bank of India.

What the Beneficiaries say:

Being associated with ISB is a great achievement in itself and I feel elated after getting selected for the Phoenix Fund - Nurture India Scholarship. Getting such a help from ISB means a lot to me and my family. With this scholarship, the burden of education loan is reduced to a great extent.

- Divya Dewan, PGP Co 2017. Recipient of Nurture India Scholarship

I have been struggling quite a lot to gain financial stability these days. I have a family of 5, a personal loan, a huge educational loan and a number of unofficial debts from friends to take care of and I have been trying to pay my debts off every month bit by bit. . I plan to use a major part of this scholarship to pay back my friends and relatives on the loans that I have taken from them, send a part to my parents to help them sustain better and save the rest for any future emergencies.

- Sankalp Bansal, PGP Co 2016, Recipient of Co 2011 Tuition Waiver

The burden of the full education loan would have forced me in to choosing a job right after ISB which would have allowed me to repay this loan quickly but this scholarship ensures that I can afford to take the risk of exploring high risk opportunities in my areas of interest. I can focus on taking subjects that I wish to pursue rather than being limited to subject which I have to take for a high paying job. This scholarship has allowed me to tailor my experience at ISB in a way which I feel suits me the best and allows me to prepare for life after ISB the way I want to, without getting bogged down by the tension of a loan.

- Ravnish Bagga, PGP Co 2017, Recipient of Tuition Waiver, Alumni Endowment Fund

The way the program has been structured, the professionalism with which the course is conducted, the best-in-class faculty, the alumni of this institute who are ever-willing to support the future batches is what makes ISB such a big brand. This only inspires me to give back to this institution in the future when I have the financial means so that I can also help future batches of deserving students realize their dreams and potential.

- Pranamita Basu, PGP Co 2017, Recipient of Tuition Waiver, Alumni Endowment Fund

The scholarship would be a big relief for me, as it will ease up my loan burden. I am sure I will be able to take a better decision for my future career path now, as my concern for loan repayment will be much less.

- Gandharv Paliwal, PGP Co 2017, Recipient of Tuition Waiver, PGPMAX Co 2012

The waiver not only helps me in reducing my tuition and overall costs, but also acts an enabler to make my education pursuit possible. Having come from a humble background, the waiver is pivotal in having made my ISB dream possible.

- Rohan Dev Talwar, PGP Co 2017, Recipient Aditya Shembekar Tuition Waiver