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Alumni Giving

Dear Alums,
The ISB alumni network continues to be one of the School's greatest assets. There are many ways in which you support the School from admissions, recruitment, to mentoring your legacy or by making a contribution to the School. The School truly welcomes your commitment and encourages your engagement.

Your support not only strengthens the network but also helps build the School’s reputation as a global B-school.Our hope is that the value of the ISB degree continues to grow over the years, making your time as a student and as an alumnus one of the best investments of your lifetime.

Alumni contributions support the ongoing activities and initiatives of the School. These donations reflect the faith that alumni repose in the School, its exceptional thought, leadership and vision.

Each contribution has a direct and meaningful impact on faculty research, student financial aid, and industry-focused programs that benefit students, alumni, and the business community. The annual giving liberates limited operating funds that can then seek new pursuits, permitting the School to seize opportunities without constraints.

If you wish to explore more details on the listed opportunities, please write to

Raj Srivastava