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Usage of Alumni Email Facility

On graduating from the ISB, all alumni are given login credentials to access their alumni IDs in order to facilitate interactions and build a stronger alumni network. In order for alumni to send emails and communicate with each other, the school has made group aliases available. Please refer to the Annexure of this document for a complete list of aliases.

To send an email to alumni within your own chapter, kindly use the individual chapter ID You will not be able to write to any chapter other than your own chapter.

To send an email to your classmates, kindly use the individual class ID You will not be able to write to classes other than your own class.

Please use appropriate subject lines when sending out emails. For example: ISB Jobs, Non-ISB Jobs, Classifieds, Contacts, etc. This gives readers an idea of the nature of the email.

Only Chapter Representatives will be able to use the Chapter Representatives group

Kindly ensure that the group emailing option is used appropriately and sparingly. Before sending an email to the group , please carefully consider whether the email is actually of relevance to the entire PGP alumni community.

In the same vein, we encourage you to not to use the ‘Reply All’ button except when the intended reply is meant for the entire alumni community to view; to address an individual directly, kindly use the ‘Reply’ button only. Please be doubly careful to avoid spam.

Policies related to the use of email:

As a user of the email facility provided by the ISB, you must:

  • Abide by all national and state laws, including all the provisions of the IT Act of 2000 (Including Amendments to the Act 2006, 2008)
  • Respect copyright rules related to intellectual material, music, videos, creatives, etc.
  • Do not use, copy, or distribute copyrighted material unless you have a legal right to do so.
  • Respect the privacy and personal rights of other individuals on the network.
  • Be professional and respectful in your communications with others. The use of this resource to libel, slander or harass any other person is not allowed and will lead to disciplinary action, including the removal of all alumni privileges, and possible legal action by those who are the recipients of such actions.

Please use ISB facilities and services for activities that are consistent with the School’s vision of being an internationally top-ranked, research-driven institution grooming leaders for India and the world.

Other prohibited activities include:

  • Activities that would jeopardise the School’s not-for-profit status
  • Use of these facilities and services for political purposes
  • Use of these facilities and services for personal economic gain
  • Use of these facilities and services to make inappropriate comments, racial slurs, including but not limited to sexually suggestive language and any kind of harassment or discriminatory behaviour Any alumnus found in violation of the above is subject to having their alumni privileges revoked.